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Positive Feedback

Fundamental Clinics

I wanted to take a moment to send you some feedback regarding opening day practice. Brilliant!! I was speaking with multiple parents about it and everyone seemed thrilled despite the cold weather.

In the attached picture, my son is the littler of the 2. His name is Austin and he had so much fun today. I've never seen him like this with other sports. Both my husband and I played lax. Adam played for Penn State so he'll be coming to future practices to help out.

I am a graduate of John Carroll and I was thrilled to see so many Patriot players out there. I spoke to a few at the beginning of the day and told them they were looking at a future JC player (Austin). All of those high school players really worked amazingly well with the kids. I couldn't have asked for a better first exposure to the sport for our son.

We cannot wait for next week! 


Hi Buck,
I wanted thank you for what you and Doug have done with the boys. It's been everything I hoped for Carson and more, I'm seeing his fundamentals improve daily. 
Mike Clinton



First, I want to say what a fantastic job I think you do with the boys.  Nick has never been so excited to go to practice before. 



Sorry for the delay in feedback but my son, Adam, has thoroughly enjoyed your program.  As a result of attending LaxSkills his stick work has grown immensely and his confidence on the field has greatly improved.  Last week I was away on a business trip and my wife brought Adam to the session.  She commented that Adam looks much more “natural” on the field and his control of the stick is much more fluid.  He has become a believer in the t-shirts you gave the kids, he now opts to be outside with the rebounder when the weather permits or he spends his time throwing a tennis ball against the basement walls instead of playing video games.  My wife and I really enjoy hearing the tennis ball bounce through the house…Adam tried out from the Bel Air Tyker travel team and we are waiting to hear if he made it.  During the tryouts, it was apparent that he has elevated his game from last year.  Most noticeably, last week during tryouts the boys played a mini scrimmage and Adam took the majority of the face-offs.  He utilized a lot of the techniques and strategies that R.G. Keenan showed the boys and Adam was able to win the majority of the face-offs. 

This program has also helped me with some of my future coaching drills.  I’ve played lacrosse through the collegiate level as a goalie and your drills will help as I continue to coach within the Bel Air rec organization. 


Thanks again and see you tomorrow.




I just wanted to share something with you and your coaching staff about your LaxSkills program.
First thank you for what you do and how you do it.  My son enjoys your style of coaching and is really learning the correct ways to play lacrosse from you and the other coaches.  He calls you the "FUNNY" coach and he asks me everyday if it's time for practice with you.  A week prior to my signing him up with your LaxSkills program I had already signed him up with another local "Skills and Drills" program. I had received their email before I ever knew you even had a clinic like this.  As soon as I saw that you where running a camp I knew my son needed to at least try it out because my brother speaks so highly of you.  Unable to get a refund from the other program I decided what the hell I'll let him do both.  My son enjoys lacrosse enough that he doesn't mind going to the other program but it's literally night and day compared to your program.  There is no direction and motivation given and it is very poorly organized.  They start late and end early almost every week.  This week the assistant coach was a high school player who didn't want to be there.  Most of the boys are rolling around on the ground and misbehaving because they are forced to do the same drill for 15 minutes in a 1 hour program.  I've convinced most of the parents there to come to LaxSkills next year.

My wife and I can't say enough great things about you and your coaches.  My son is already a better player in these first few weeks and finally enjoying the game because of you and your coaches encouragement and coaching techniques.  You have a student for life and as long as you run programs he will be there to learn and love the game from you.

Again... big thanks to you and your staff for being such great coaches.


I just had to tell you how much we have loved your clinic. Jack has learned so much and had so much fun doing it. You run an exceptional program. We will be coming back. And i will tell anyone who will listen how great it was!
Krista/jacks mom


The boys are really having a good time. After last night’s session Brennan said “This is so much better than practice.” I’m hoping I can take some of your ideas and techniques  and use them to make my rec team’s practices a little more enjoyable for the kids.
Thanks again for putting together this program.


Just a quick note to let you know that RJ is LOVING your clinic now. Confidence has built and made a big difference. His first game was Sat. Didn’t score, but took several shots, which is new for him—and all were close. I attribute that to your help. Thanks for all you are doing. I know there is a goal in our near future!!!!

My son has enjoyed the interaction with you, Drew, and the others from moment one. Our family agrees and supports the philosphy of “it has to be fun” to keep the player engaged at this age. That aspect coupled with the fundamental and superior experience based knowledge make it a very positive environment and a definate plus for our son’s overall game.

Thanks and we look forward to continued interaction and work with you,

Good Morning,
Just wanted to let you know that Vince had a great time at the Arena Club the past few weeks. You always make it so much fun for the kids!

Kollin!! Trying to be the perfect lacrosse player,…he wants to be…after he heard from Buck many times Friday “the only way to get better is to throw and catch”

So, on Saturday morning after much begging from him I take the rebounder out of the garage and set it up and Tape up the vent holes on his helmet. After about an hour and a half he of hearing the thump thump of a cold rebounder in the back yard he comes inside to show me his broken head. It was a STX 35.00 dicks special. I just had to laugh, I was planning on buying him a head before the season started but I guess the time has come sooner.

Hi Buck,
Thanks for giving each my boys (Nigel & Quincy) lacrosse shirts and shorts. You didn’t have to do it but was very kind of you.
They really enjoyed the first clinic session. They haven’t stopped talking about the things they learned, the drills they participated in and the featured pro lacrosse player. I haven’t seen them this excited about any sports.
Like most parents (mostly dads), my goal is to expose my boys to all sports and hopefully one day they find one/two they really enjoy playing and want to work hard to improve. I’ve always liked lacrosse because of many friends who played and the similarity with basketball. So far lacrosse is off to a positive start in my household.
Thanks for everything and I’ll see you Friday night.

Hi Buck,
Just wanted to take the time to tell you how much Eli is enjoying this clinic. His confidence, as well as his skills, have been boosted and he is looking forward to spring.
Please extend my thanks to all of the coaches who give so much of their time for the kids. It is much appreciated.

Count us in – in fact I have already logged in the times & dates on my calendar. You guys did a tremendous job during the Summer Clinic! My sons name is Robert and he is 7 years old and will be 8 in January 2010.
What is the next step?


Hi Buck,
Thanks for the email.  Can I bring it to next Tuesday’s session? The boys would start in December and go through until the middle of January. 
By the way, they are loving the program so far and are getting pumped about the upcoming lacrosse season.
Thanks for running such a great program,
Brennan and Bryce’s Mom

Advanced Clinics

I wanted to verify that the shooting/dodging training would be ongoing. Brendan is under that impression it is. If this is the case he will not be able to attend next Monday, which is a real bummer because he was really pumped following the training tonight. According to Brendan, Buck and Drew win the award for providing the most informative and entertaining training session he’s ever attended! He really was so happy he attended and talked about what he learned the whole ride home. Thanks for providing the boys with the great opportunity. Paul said last night’s practice was really organized and productive. Sounds like the start to a great season!
Take care and talk to you later,

I just wanted to pass along that Shane enjoyed this training very much. He learned alot and took it out on the field with him. Drew did a great job with the boys, and they are lucky to have had this opportunity in my opinion.

Hi Buck,
Following up with you from last Thursday’s lax session at Hanley’s. Michael had a great time. He said that the other kids were doing some things that he had been told last year he was not allowed to do. But he was excited that he would be able to develop his skills this year. Said the ‘coaches were awesome!’

Hi Buck,
I’m sorry for not getting back to you sooner about the lax clinic. Joe and I have been extremely impressed with all that you and Drew have done in working with JT during the last two months. We really feel it is some of the best instruction he has had, and JT has loved working with the both of you. We realize we’ve been very lucky to get great instruction at such reasonable costs.
I hope you will keep us on your e-mail list, though, as I know JT would love to work with you guys again sometime.
Have a very happy New Year!

Tonight was great! Thanks for having Tote! If you ever run this kind of thing in the future I would love to sign both boys up for a few sessions. Manny is 12 and plays for the Renegades but your enthusiasm and drills were great. I would love to throw him out there to learn a few things from you.
Keep me posted and thanks again,

Hey Buck,
Thanks very much for everything this session, Connor has enjoyed himself and improved his lax skills. Can’t ask for more than that, hope to work with you again.

Tanner is really having fun and learning a lot. He wants to be in the next session.

We are in…Jay wanted to tell you Thursday and forgot. He loves it…he absolutely loves it.

I only paid for the 1st three. If I can free up some time and you still have space, I will bring him, otherwise we will see you on Sunday morning. Thanks for the outstanding training. Because of last season and the Friday night sessions, Josh is really pumped up and looking forward to lacrosse. That is a great thing to see. Thanks again. Josh

Great job last night! Kids loved it and the dads loved it as well. I can tell you that Trevor got more out of last night than he’s gotten all season. Looking forward to continuing the lessons. Next week we will be doing it at Folger McKinsey.

Good luck on Saturday and the fam will be cheering you on. Talk to you later.


Thanks for getting Cray into Fri nights session he had a great experience. He has expressed a desire to join you again and I was wondering if that is possible and how I would go about registering him.


Goalie Clinics

Coach Scott,

Thanks so much for helping me out. I had a great season and was honored with first team all county. Can't wait for the off season, I have bigger goals! Thanks so much for everything!

Hi Scott,
Riley absolutely LOVES goalie training!  You do a such a wonderful job with the kids and I really appreciate all that you do!  You work her hard, set high expectations & teach her more than just lax.  Thank you!

When you get a chance, can you please add me to your distribution list for goalie trainings?

Thanks so much!!!!

Angie (Riley’s mom)
Thank you very much for your services to our program. All of our goalies and parents have greatly benefited from your knowledge and expertise. More importantly they have all expressed their fondness of your coaching style.
Volunteering to run our Goalie tryouts was above and beyond expectations. It was very thorough and professional. It also added a credibility we could not have had without you. 

If you have a logo, link, or flyer we would be happy to post it on our website as well as pass information along of your upcoming training sessions.

On behalf of myself and the Hawks Girls Lacrosse Board.

Thank You

Passing on some comments.Even the parents that did not have goalies trying out were impressed with the goalies getting thier own evals and it was done thoroughly and with integrity. 

Thanks for helping us make Hawks girls lacrosse be the best program for all skill levels 


My daughter Frankie participated in your goalie training on Wednesday nights. Although I was only able to attend some of the sessions, I was extremely impressed with your ability to develop their skill while ensuring they were having fun at the same time. Frankie was always excited to attend training and her improvement was evident as the weeks went on. It is my understanding that you will not be running weekly sessions at Rutledge field this Spring as you did last season. Frankie was new to goalie last year (it was her second year of lacrosse)and we were unaware of the training opportunity.

We would love to keep her involved in goalie training if possible as she loves it and is self-motivated. I was wondering what additional training you may be offering throughout the Spring and Summer if any, that she could participate in.



Thanks for getting Dylan in the Monday session…he enjoyed it.. We are ok with staying in the Monday group if you think that is best for him…we will definitely be there next week.

In any event, he probably learned more in 90 minutes last night then he learned in a year at CM.  Yes I was concerned about his age (just turned 8) but I think he will be fine.  If at any time you think he should not continue because of “age”, skill level, etc – please don’t hesitate to let me or my wife know.  I certainly don’t want to become a “pushy lacrosse Dad” and I don’t want to burn him out…

Bottom line: - he had fun, he likes you and he is not overwhelmed…not much more I can ask for….

Thanks again




Keep us posted for future goalie training.
Your training helped Syd improve . . . and her team to go 13-0 winning the 11-12B MYLA Championship this past Sunday.

Thanks again and keep us informed of other camps.

Thanks – Mike

Hi Scott.
I’ve gotten some terrific positive feedback!!! Thanks for doing such a great job. I hope we can arrange something similar next year…maybe incorporate all 3 age groups?

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking your time to do this. It was very valuable to Grace. We could see her improve after every session. Her confidence in goal has soared! Thanks you!
Kathy Cooney

We just wanted to thank you for working with Yianni and Klia this season. As in all sports, coaches play an important role in developing talent. However, the most important part of coaching is what impression you leave on your players. You have the “Gift” of being able to teach the kids and still make it fun for them. The early impressions of a coach are grossly underestimated.

Klia and Yianni have really enjoyed working with you and have used everything you have taught them to help their teams be successful. Klia’s MYLA team went from not having a Goalie to start the season, to having the premier, 11 year old, “Shut Down” Goalie in Bel Air. Yianni as well.

Thank you again and we look forward to working with you soon.

Anthony Trintis

Scott and Suzy,

Thanks so much for putting this together this year.

Many girls that play goalie don’t always want to be there, my daughter included, but after your training she gained more confidence, doesn’t want to leave the goal and has had a great season. Our team is undefeated and Syd has saved about 70-75% of the shots on goal.

I know it’s very very tough to schedule things, but the only criticism is having the training on Friday nights.
With the flu and a prior commitment, we unfortunately missed 2 trainings.

We look forward to more training and building that confidence.

Thanks – Mike Matthews


Just wanted to thank you for working with the Trintis kids. Yianni really enjoyed it and Klia is learning tons. Looking forward to working with you again.

Please let me know about Klia’s training sessions dates.

Thanks again,


Good Morning, John!

Attached is info about the Lax Skills goalie clinic which may be of interest to some of your ‘goalie parents’. Gavin has been doing this and it is very good. It is more of a ‘conditioning’ clinic than a fundamental clinic, but he incorporates stickwork into the drills, so it has been very beneficial. This would be great for your older goalies. There are 10-12 kids at the sessions, a mix of high school and middle school kids.


Both of my daughters have been a part of the Scott’s goalie training program for years. The program is designed to build core skills that are needed to excel in the goal and all the improvement I see is due to the mentoring they get from Scott. It is not easy and most days after practice they are saying there legs hurt but i can honestly say they have fun doing it. I would recommend it for any goalie who wants to be the best.

John L


This training is a much needed source for any young person who wants to play goalie. the skills you bring to the table are not available in most youth lacrosse programs. most emphasis is spent on the other positions, while the goalie is handed a stick and told to “get in there and scrimmage”. this training has made my son confident and prepared to play this position on a pretty high level of competition, he could not have achieved this without the training you provide. the kids feel good about themselves working with a former goalie like yourself, the training is great and essential if you want to play this position.

It’s good to know that I can hand my daughter over to someone she enjoys training with.

We have registered for all 3 dates and at this time plan to attend all of them.

Thanks, Scott! Billy is really enjoying it. I think he feels that he is finally getting some tools to do his job and is really benefiting someone who understands what it means to be a goalie!

Hi Scott,

Our son Tim has been attending the goalie training from Bel Air Rec on Sundays at 1000. He would like to continue with the extended training sessions starting tomorrow at 2:30. We provided our email address at the last session, but didn’t hear anything back. If it isn’t too late, Tim would like to attend tomorrow.

Thank you. He has learned a lot over the past several weeks.

Dave & Carie


Qadry Ismail Training

I thought the training was great. It was excellent that you had a line up from 10 year olds up to players on the world team doing the same exercises. Qadry was incredible as a motivational speaker and the boys were listening. The training was very focused and utilized both the mental and physical elements of preparing to play a sport.

Philip enjoyed the work-out. I thought it was going to be more running and cardio but believe these skills will be better for them in the long run. This training can benefit them for years to come if they use it.

Shane said it was a great workout. He liked the challenge and you could see it pushed him. Qadry was a great motivator and Shane is looking forward to the next session. So far, I am very impressed. There is no hiding out there, he kid has to give it, and Qadry pushes the kids to push themselves. Good stuff…

Thanks for getting him in this training.

Hi Buck,

Admittedly, I thought the training was going to be a little hellish & that a mean, ex-football player would be drilling the kids. This was based on the email that you forwarded. Hahahaha…great parents we are….we sent Johnathan anyway!
However, the training was tough but Qadry was far from mean & he appeared to be good with the kids. Johnathan’s muscles hurt but he liked the training.(My muscles hurt just watching.) It was a good session. Are they going to the same thing every week?

Hey Buck,
I just wanted to thank you for getting Kyle in to this training. I think he really enjoyed it, and I liked the way Qadry preached the mental toughness thing.

Whats up Buck…
I am sure your going to get a variety of feed back, from boring to slow pace to OK.
As for a former athlete with a track and field background, the work out was right on the money.
Most parents don’t understand the science & process of developing speed & endurance. Form follows function, and it takes time & great coaching and a lot of motivation to help young kids learn this.
As for Keegan, he is very sore and little cranky, so I know Qadry’s training hit the right spots. If he wasn’t sore ,then it didn’t work.
Good work out.

I loved the program so far. As I said to Qadry he is pointing out some very important key points as far as the neurology in training kids. From my point of view what he is doing is vital to a process known as neuroplasticity and facilitation. Kids are able to take advantage of this far better than adults. These processes can be likened to what happens when you ride a bike, at first you are unsteady but the more you do it the easier it becomes until it is second nature in the nervous system. Working the muscle through isometrics in an eccentric or stretched position improves strength greatly throughout the curve of muscle contraction without overstressing the growth plate. He pays particular attention to posture and technique (Love This!). This is probably more clinical than what you want but I can explain in simple terms to any parent that has questions.
Also, this falls in line with what I do with youth athletes in addition to sports nutrition etc.. the benefits are way beyond training for sports. I have a ton of peer-reviewed studies showing the benefits of this type of training and the effects on over all health, the studies would be difficult to understand for the lay public, as they are all about neuro-physiology, but we cover these in the various talks we do in the community. If Qadry would ever like to sit and talk about the benefits of educating the kids in our community on lifestyle changes including what he does I think he could help give a lot of benefit to kids health as well as their Health Performance. This would assist him in providing a well rounded scientifically supported program. Please forward him my info and let him know I would love to meet at his convenience.
Thanks Again for allowing AC to participate!
Dr. Craig L. Chavis

Luke said, “It was VERY good and incredibly intense.”
I loved watching Quadry with the boys and I thought every boy worked hard. They all pushed themselves to their fullest potential. I think my Luke felt really proud that he was able to push himself to those extremes. It seems to have boosted his body awareness and his self confidence—-and that was only after one night of training. I can’t wait to see how they all feel after the full 5 weeks.
I would love to have Luke take his session again sometime. It is a wonderful way to get ready for the lacrosse season.
Thanks for all that you do for the kids.



I thought it was good and I am sure it was harder than it looked. I wanted Taylor to do this to push himself on an individual level and maybe learn what his physical limits are and I think this is exactly what he was learning. I also liked how Qadry kept reminding them to strive for moments of perfection, now one is perfect but it sure would be great if everyone tried!

Hi Buck,
I was a little worried when it first started, with Jay being the only high school kid. However, after it ended, we realized how lucky he was for being there. In fact, I think Jay was the perfect candidate to be there. I feel that kind of training can really help motivate high school students. Qadry’s passion really shows in his motivation with the kids. When Jay first started he kept looking over at me with that look of, what did you get me in to?” But, by the end he was focused and I could tell he really bought in to what Qadry was saying. I am hoping that in the future, Qadry will build off of what he is teaching now , with perhaps a phase 2 so kids will be able to keep developing once they have phase 1 down.

More feedback…

I guess Shane pushed himself last night to the point that he said he could barely run tonight, his quads were burning he said.

He said areas were sore today that have never been sore…and in hindsight he wishes he drank more water after the training and maybe stretched a little more last night.

Good stuff all the way around. Very impressed with that session.

hi Buck,

I am really glad that we have Colin signed up for your program. He truly seems to be enjoying lax this year, and honestly, this is the 1st yr I can say that. He has reluctanly agreed to play previously only because he knew that both his father & I love the sport & and were encouraging him to play.
As you’ve probably already noticed in your 2 clinics with Colin, he is (ahem) a tad distractible  and really needs the small coach to player ratio, because otherwise you loose him to the sidelines, or ball chasing, or simply letting other players infront of him. He also is very easily frustrated when he doesn’t pick up a skill quickly. He is used to things (grades) coming easily to him!
Colin really seems to have turned the corner, I think, in this most recent lower player- to- coach clinic where he probably wasn’t able to hide as easily. Misbehave a bit, I’m sure… (sorry about that…) but he now says he loves lax & really looks forward to playing.
I haven’t been able to make his practices during the week, but my husband tells me that he does not look like the same kid from last year. He really seems to have turned a corner. He wants to practice in the backyard with my husband, the previous 2 yrs it was like pulling teeth, or he would just refuse. He really is excited about lax!
I hope you continue to offer clinics like this so he can continue to improve, or possibly start a league in the off-season locally so he can continue. Definitely keep me on your mailing list of lax offerings…
Thanks so much!!



We will be there next week. We won our tournament! AC had a double, triple with 5 RBIS and diving catch in center. The training helps all athletes! He is faster, stronger, and mentally better thank you Qadry and Buck!

Face-off Clinics


Just a brief note to say how impressed I was by RG’s clinic yesterday. It was the 1st time that I had an opportunity to stay for the whole hour and watch RG’s instruction. This young man is squared away. He knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish in that hour, moving quickly from one drill to the next. The kids were engaged the entire time and RG related well to them. The 60 minutes alloted is perfect. All in all, I can’t think of one thing that I would change. I appreciate you setting this up, and for whatever part Bel Air Lacrosse played in this as well.

Just wanted to thank you for organizing the Face Off Clinic with R.G. Ryan really enjoyed it and definitely learned something. I thought you might enjoy seeing Ryan in his last game using “THE JAM”.
Go to the website below for the short clip. When you get to the webpage just scroll down and the video should be on the left under recent activity.
I didn’t realize at first, but check out your banner in the background.